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Multi-TouchTable in the education environment,

is a great way of encouraging students to collaborate, play and explore. 

Resellers & Trade

In the resellers & trade environment, customers expect a visual aid to enable them to make an informed decision before committing to buy. 


Customer Experience is everything in retail, and as more and more customers look to the web to shop, the in-store experience has to have the wow factor, as well as allowing the customer to use the same technology they are used to at home. 

Government & Military

Governments are already utilising the use of multitouch surfaces in their offices.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Multi-touch solutions create a level of realism visually and to the physical touch which is invaluable when training and educating medical students.


In the broadcast environment news channels are already fast seeing the benefit of multi-touch surfaces. The flexibility and high visual impact of multi-touch are creating a new dimension in news presentation.

Marketing & Exhibitions

Visitors will be drawn to the most eye-catching multi-touch technology which will make them stay for longer. 

Corporate & Business

Meetings have come a long way since a pen and paper were required to take notes. Multi-touch interactive screens allow your staff to present meetings in a whole new dynamic, exciting way. 

Restaurants & Bars

Bars and restaurants are fast discovering the major benefits of multitouch technology.

 Construction & Design

Create a highly versatile and truly immersive environment for your design, engineering or architectural plans.


Multi-touch can help alleviate some of the most frustrating elements of travel and transport, from waiting times to checking in and live up to date travel information.

Museums & Galleries

Museums are the natural environment for multi touch screen technology. Encourage your visitors to explore your exhibits in a way they have never been able to before.